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OneClickMX.com Complaint - BEWARE!! These guys are dishonest!
OneClickMX.com Complaint

OneClickMX.com Complaint


BEWARE!! These guys are dishonest!

If you are considering doing business with this company, and I highly suggest you don’t, please read this in full before making a decision. I wish someone would have done this for me before I made the mistake.

I ordered a TV stand from oneclickmx.com on the morning of January 27th and was told it would be here in 3 to 5 days. Today is February 10th and it is still not here, no one can tell me when it will be here, and they refuse to cancel my order and refund my money.

To start, I ordered from oneclickmx not because they had the best price, but because they were the only ones who had the item I wanted in stock (supposedly, I would find out later it was not). I didn’t actually take the website’s word for it, I called in to confirm that the item was indeed in stock. I was told it was, the girl took my order, and I expected to have my stand in 5 days.

Before ordering I left stock requests with a couple of other sites and a couple of days later, I got an email that another site had it in stock at a lower price. I sent a message to oneclickmx to see if the order had shipped and, if not, requested either a price match or a cancellation of my order. This is the response I received…

John, we normally do not price match after the product has already been purchased. We only price match at the time of purchase as it states in our policy. Also in this case your item has most likely 99.9% shipped out last Thursday or Friday and we just have not recieved your tracking. Sometimes the warehouse gets behind in getting us our tracking numbers, so in some cases the items have shipped but we dont get tracking for a few days after. I will make you a deal. If it has not shipped out I will price match it for you as a 1 time courtesy. However if you ABS60 has shipped there is nothing we can do. I will let you know tomorrow.

This message was received on Jan. 30 and on following afternoon, I received a shipping notice from oneclickmx and a tracking number from FedEx. The shipping information had been received on Jan. 31 at 11:42am and the package was picked up that afternoon at 4:31pm. I sent a message requesting the promised price match and got this response…

I will see if anything can be done because technically we do not ever do price matches unless its at the time of purchase as it does state in our policy. I will try my best and go to bat for you but I am not 100% we can get it done for you.

Aparantly, they had changed their mind and were now not honoring their previous commitment. Also, they would not cancel the order any longer because it had shipped, a problem that would have been avoided had they told me no in the first place. Yet another but not the last lie they would tell me. I was threatened with restocking fees, shipping fees, etc and finally spoke with the owner of the company who said I was lucky to get one at all since more than 60 had been on backorder. When I asked why I was told it was in stock, he told me it was an inventory error. He then told me the company that sent me the now in stock email used oneclickmx as a distributor and that the other company had them available now because oneclickmx now has them. What he didn’t stop to realize it that if he let them know it was out of stock, he knew it was not in stock when they took my order, they just didn't tell me, or anyone else for that matter, another lie uncovered. He then proceeded to tell me he would do the price match if I would write a positive review for their company. I refused to write something complementary after the experience I was going through, but told him I would consider not writing a review at all if he honored the word of his employee. He finally, but reluctantly agreed to honor their commitment, and a few days later issued a credit. I now understand why there may not be as many bad reviews as most would have accepted the bribe.

To continue with my story, the package was scheduled by FedEx to be delivered on Feb. 2nd but was delayed because of the weather. This I completely understood and patiently waited for my stand to arrive. The stand finally made it to Dallas on Feb 3rd, but again, has yet to make it to my house. On Feb. 5th, it was on a FedEx vehicle for delivery the next business day, Monday the 7th. For unknown reasons, and it was not the weather, it had been sunny and warm since the preceeding Friday, it was not delivered. I called FedEx and they assured me it would be there late in the evening, but it was on its way. On Tuesday, when it had not arrived, I called FedEx and they again assured me it was out for delivery and would be there by 6:00. When it did not arrive, FedEx had no explanation and I turned to oneclickmx for help. I sent this message….

FedEx has still not delivered my package. It was originally scheduled to be delivered on Feb. 2. I am aware that the weather initially delayed delivery, but the package has supposedly been in my area since Feb. 3. It has supposedly been on a truck for delivery since Feb. 5. It was out for delivery yesterday and never made it. It was out for delivery again today and never made it. No one at FedEx can explain what is going on. At this time I can only assume the package has been lost. FedEx needs you to make a claim as you are the sender. Can you please contact FedEx in the morning and get a credit for the value of the order and refund the purchase price to me? Thanks for your assistance. John

I received a response that they would check on it the next morning and got this message…

John, just spoke to FEDEX they had weather issues. Anyway they confirmed the unit is on the FEDEX truck for delivery today. You will have it today 100% before 6PM. If you need anything else let me know.

I reiterated my concerns to which oneclickmx responded…

I spoke to them and they confirmed 100% it will be delivered today before 6PM. If its not there today I will ship a new one out. I think the guy at the terminal was telling me the truth,

When it did not show up, I contacted oneclickmx again and asked that they just refund my money and deal with FedEx, I was tired of dealing with a package that was now over a week overdue and more than that from the original quote. I got this response…

John, it appears they mmust have lost the unit. We will be shipping out a replacment unit 3 day air. If you do not want the replacement unit you will be hled responsible for the shipping and restocking. Please let me know which way you would like to go. This way I can either credit you back minus 25% minus shipping or ship out a new unit 3 day air.

A few minutes later, I got this…

Spoke to FEDEX they can't make it up the road due to bad ice. The unit is not lost so at this time the order can not be cancelled. It will be delivered as soon as they can make the delivery. The package is not lost but from where they are coming from apparantly their is some very icey roads. They ran a trace they found the package it is not loast. BE PATIENT!!!! Sorry for the delay!

Again, oneclickmx had changed their mind and not done what they had promised. The roads were not icy. I had seen FedEx trucks out every day since the arrival of my package in Dallas. Someone was not telling the truth and oneclickmx was not honoring what they had told me only a few minutes before.

I told them again to refund my money and got this…

You are asting to much time and energy we have all the docuementation we need. Fedex put a trace on the package and found the package. You can even pick it up if you are that impatient. Our policy is policy and we can't cancel any order that has shipped out sorry. At this point you will have to wait until you receive it and go through our return policy.

So here I sit. Oneclickmx.com has my money, took it in bad faith after telling me they had my item in stock when they did not, they can’t get the carrier to deliver my package, that is if FedEx still has it, won’t send another, even though I don’t want it, but that’s what they promised to do, and I am supposed to just sit and wait. Of course I could just go and pick it up as oneclickmx has suggested, but I paid to have it delivered. What customer service.

Whatever you do, do not do business with this company! They are dishonest and will tell you anything they can to get your money. Once they have it, good

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trichards says: (8 years ago)
In response to John Carny's review oneclicmx.com deals with hundreds and thousands of customers. The problem is that sometimes you get that one customer that you bend over backwards for and nothing is ever good enough. Mr. Carney is that customer. He oringally contacted us 2 days after he placed his for a price match. Clearly our policy states we only price match at the time of purchase. Now as a favor to John I told him I would go ahead and do a one time price match for him. Problem solved. But wait we shipped his order withing 48 hour with FEDEX and this was the week we had ICE STORMS through out the entire US. Basically FEDEX did not get his package delivered on time due to the severity of the weather conditions. Now anyone with any sense would no that the shipper "oneclickmx.com" does not control the actual shippers. We can't control FEDEX, UPS, RL CARRIERS. ETC. And furtermore we really can't control weather conditions and ice storms. I understand John could have been some what frustrated because his tv stand arrived a few days later then expected but to blame the shipper is not accurate whatsoever. I decided to have one ofmy staff members contact John and make sure OneClickMX.com did everything ok because we noticed you had written a negative review. We thought we did everyting right we shipped his unit on time we price matched another competetors price as a favor to John so we were curious. When Jeff called John he could not believe the language Johns used and could not understand what we did wrong. John is clearly trying to damage our company with bogus lies and falsified reviews. Here is Johns tracking number which you can track at www.fedex.com and clearly see it was delivered and slightly delayed because of extreme weather conditions. 087326860950620 We did everything possible to make JOhn happy and as I stated before some customers can't be pleased no matter what you do. Luckily its a very small percentage and our 5 star reviews speak for themselves as well as our BBB rating.

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